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In Prozac We Trust

i'm basically your worst nightmare, personified

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I like to be dusty and dressed in black and pull curtains and move props in theatres.

I also like to not have random diseases like bronchitis and meningitis, although I have them anyways.

Furthermore, I like Harry Potter. And His Dark Materials. And poop. And rawkenr0ll and iamsupernova.

And I also like to eat pie. Sometimes I like to eat cheese and crackers too, but sometimes not, it depends on the crackers. If they are wheat thins, they are too salty and therefore they overpower the taste of the cheese.

I want to be a stage manager, but you cannot spell stage manager without man, which is funny as I am not one, although I have a multi-tool on my belt and a flash-light on a clip which is also on my belt so I am quite amazing.